Success Stories

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“God is good, I was a little uncertain about coming to a specialty hospital, I was nervous and scared, but when I got to my room it was so uplifting that I was a person not just a number. The care here couldn’t be any better. Thanks to my friend, Lee, thanks for making sure your princess was ok, that meant a lot to me. I can say that I do see a little improvement, every step is in the right direction for me, even comparing here to Texas, this is so much better.” Chantell Guillot

“It was a bittersweet time for me leaving the hospital. The nurses were awesome & every roommate I had, I got close to and one of my nurses passed the night before I left, such a sweet person, my heart is so full. A very special thanks to a very special nurse and friend, Lee Bierhorst, for the guidance and help you gave me thanks from the bottom of my heart.” Chantell Guillot